Nothing good has happened

The Chicago field trip was great, but i felt like such a bother to my group. I guess i wasn’t but it still felt like i was. A lot of bad thing have happened to me though, but i don’t let it get me down, i just keep moving on. It doesn’t always work, but its the best way to get through the problem.
Anyway, on the field trip we first went to starbucks, it was fun, Then we moved on to subway where peter, cassidy, and me talked. They were staring at me just to make me uncomfortable, i hate it when people do that to me. After subway, we walked, entering a few stores, we got to this store called Guess. Peter and me had fun at Guess, it was full like an all womens store, i didn’t see any men’s clothes, so Peter and me played around. After the stores, we took a river walk, me and peter splashed in the puddles, and so did Cassie and Kiley. Then we ended up somewhere, i didn’t know where we were, So we walked back. Then more stores, after that we ended up going to McDonalds. at McDonalds, Peter and me met this weird guy, he was a rapper, he was cool, but there were also a few problems i had with him, i can’t say it though.

We are the Ocean- Nothing good has Happened.


its kinda like the last of school when you think about it. tomorrow we go to chicago. then after chicago, we practice the graduation ceremony on Wednesday and Thursday, and then we graduate on Friday.

Well let me tell you one thing, even though you have gotten through 8th grade, you still have to endure high school and maybe college. However, if you keep moving forward, you will make it through. Don’t give up on school either, giving up will only lead to a low life, and no one wants to fail.

Obviously you don’t have to listen to me, but i believe that if you keep moving forward you wont fall backward.

A friend of mine asked me to show this video.

Chicago, good or bad

I am going to chicago, is that a good thing or bad thing.


To every punishment there is also a reward, thus two sides of the same coin. However, what is in the lining, would it be nothing or would it be something. that is what always makes me think, can there really be nothing, some think that beyond the universe is nothing but wouldn’t that make it something. beyond the universe has to be something, because there cannot be nothing. You can never say that your doing nothing, everything you do is an action that ends in a result. Even though you may think beyond the universe is nothing, your wrong there is something, and there always will be.
Another thing, i have a riddle, one is all and all is one. please comment and try to figure out the riddle.


i don’t know, i’m just feeling weird.

Do not Say tomato


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